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Strep B Carrot Broth™ Kit* for the detection of hemolytic GBS

Strep B Carrot Broth™ is a one-step method for cultivation and identification of hemolytic strains of Group B Streptococcus.

This test is an improvement over conventional methods by:

  • Increasing sensitivity

  • Decreasing turn around time

  • Lowering overall cost.

  • Compatible with flocked or elution swabs (e.g. ESwab™). See the WASP® compatibility study section of the IFU or the “Carrot Broth Transport Swab Incubation Study” under Brochures and Studies below.

  • Positive results for beta hemolytic strains can be observed as early as 12 hours after inoculation.

  • If negative on Carrot Broth, non-hemolytic strains can be tested on Hardy's GBS Detect plate (Cat. no. A300, see link below).

  • See Z140T if extra tiles are needed.

    *US Patent No. 8,313,938 B1 and US Patent No. 8,518,688 B1

    Excerpt from the CDC's Guidelines:

    Procedures for processing clinical specimens for culture of group B Streptococcus (GBS)
    "Remove swab(s) from transport medium. Inoculate swab(s) into a recommended selective broth medium, such as Todd-Hewitt broth supplemented with either gentamicin (8 µg/ml) and nalidixic acid (15 µg/ml) [TransVag broth], or with colistin (10 µg/ml) and nalidixic acid (15 µg/ml) [Lim broth]. TransVag broth may be supplemented with 5% defibrinated sheep blood to increase the recovery of GBS. As an alternative, swabs may be inoculated into selective enrichment broth that incorporates chromogenic pigments for the detection of beta-hemolytic GBS using color detection. Examples of appropriate commercially available options include StrepB carrot broth or Granada Biphasic broth."

  • The Hardy Diagnostics manufacturing facility and quality management system comply with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and have achieved ISO 13485 certification as a medical device manufacturer.

  • Quality is a science...Service is an art. At Hardy Diagnostics, we believe in excellence in patient care...just like you do!

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    Z140 Strep B Crrt Brth DISCONT
    see Z40
    $118.82 USD EA

    Manufacturer Category Organism
    Hardy Diagnostics: prepared media

    Media, Prepared

    Streptococcus Group B

    Instructions for Use Video SDS

    Brochures and Studies BioSafety Level


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