Abbreviation Derivation Meaning
à à ana of each
a.c. ante cibum before meals
ad ad to, up to
ad lib. ad libitum freely as desired
alt. dieb. alternis diebus every other day
alt. hor. alternis horis alternate hours
alt. noct. alternis noctes alternate nights
aq. aqua water
aq. dest. aqua destillata distilled water
b.i.d. bis in die two times a day
b.i.n. bis in noctis two times a night
c. cum with
Cap. capiat let him take
caps. capsula capsule
c.m.s. cras mane sumendus to be taken tomorrow morning
c.n. cras nocte tomorrow night
c.n.s. cras nocte sumendus to be taken tomorrow night
comp. compositus compound
Det. detur let it be given
Dieb. tert. diebus tertiis every third day
dil. dilutus dilute
elix. elixir elixir
ext. extractum extract
fld. fluidus fluid
Ft. fiat make
g gramme gram
gr granum grain
gt gutta a drop
gtt guttae drops
h. hora hour
h.d. hora decubitus at bedtime
h.s. hora somni hour of sleep (bedtime)
M. misce mix
m. a. minim minimum
mist mistura mixture
non rep. non repetatur not to be repeated
noct. nocte in the night
O octarius pint
ol. oleum oil
o.d. omni die every day
o.h. omni hora every hour
o.m. omni mane every morning
o.n. omni nocte every night
os os mouth
oz. uncia ounce
p.c. post cibum after meals
per per through or by
pil. pilula pill
p.o. per os orally
p.r.n. pro re nata when required
q.d. quaque die every day
q.h. quaque hora every hour

every two hours

every three hours

every four hours
q.i.d. quater in die four times a day
q.l. quantum libet as much as desired
q.n. quaque nocte every night
q.p. quantum placeat as much as desired
q.v. quantum vis as much as you please
q.s. quantum sufficit as much as is required
Rep. repetatur let it be repeated
Rx recipe take
s sine without
seq. luce. sequenti luce the following day
Sig. or S. signa write on label
s.o.s. si opus sit if necessary
sp. spiritus spirits
ss semis a half
stat. statim immediately
syr. syrupus syrup
t.d.s. ter die sumendum to be taken three times daily
t.i.d. ter in die three times a day
t.i.n. ter in nocte three times a night
tr. or tinct. tinctura tincture
ung. unguentum ointment
ut. dict. ut dictum as directed
vin. vini wine