Cat. no. AB20 AnaBag 150™ 20 bags/box


Hardy Diagnostics AnaBag 150™ is a disposable environmental bag used for the incubation of 150mm plates in both anaerobic and CO2 enriched atmospheres. The AnaBag 150™ can be used as follows:

1. To hold a large (150mm) plate of HTM Agar (Cat. no. H07) for sensitivity testing for H. influenzae in a CO2
enriched atmosphere.
2. To hold a large (150mm) plate of Brucella with H & K (Cat. no. H05) for the "Etest®" strips for sensitivity
testing of anaerobes in an anaerobic atmosphere.


The AnaBag 150™ is constructed from a triple laminated polymer which forms a barrier to oxygen, CO2, and other gases. This bag is not suitable for maintaining microaerophilic (5% O2, 10% CO2, 85% N2) conditions. The dimensions are 8 x 12 3/4 inches.



Store product in a dry, cool place away from extreme heat or freezing. Do not use if product is torn or damaged.


1. Inoculate plate and place disks or gradient strips according to the manufacturers instructions.

2. Place the plate in the bag, then follow the procedure to activate gas generators, using the manufacturers instructions. Insert/Activate the color indicator as instructed by the manufacturer. See the "Materials Needed" section below.

3. The bag can then be sealed with a heat sealer or with a plastic sealing bar listed in the "Materials Needed" section below.

4. Incubate at an appropriate temperature and time for maximum recovery of the organism(s). The bag is opened by pulling the orange tab. Remove the plate and examine for growth.

The AnaBag 150™ should be discarded after each use, due to the possible development of pinhole size leaks or moisture leading to contamination.


A color change in the indicator strip, as well as growth of test organisms signifies that the proper atmospheric condition has been achieved. Consult the manufacturers package insert for additional information regarding interpretation of the indicator strip.


Indicator strips are designed to be used only once and then discarded. Once opened, indicator strips and gas generators should immediately be placed and sealed in the AnaBag 150™.

Inoculated media should be placed in the specified environment as soon as possible.

A tight seal must be made in order to generate and maintain the necessary atmospheric conditions.

This bag is not recommended for use in maintaining a microaerophilic (as for Campylobacter spp.) atmosphere.


The following additional products are available from Hardy Diagnostics:

1. Culture Media Diameter Cat. no. Organisms Tested
Brucella with H & K Agar 150mm H05 All Anaerobes
Haemophilus Test Medium (HTM) 150mm H07 Haemophilus spp.
Mueller Hinton with Blood 150mm H21 S. pneumoniae

2. Gas Generator
Anaerobic Atmosphere
AnaeroGen™, Cat. no. AN25US and AN35US, is an anaerobic gas generating envelope that requires no water and no catalyst. It is packaged 10 envelopes/box.
CO2 Enriched Atmosphere
CO2 Gas Generators, Cat. no. 261205, 500/box, by Becton Dickinson.
CO2 Indicators - IndiKwik™, Cat. no. G511, 100 tests, by Pulse Scientific.

3. Sealing Bars


A color change in the indicator strip, as well as growth of test organisms signifies that the proper atmospheric condition has been achieved.

Physical Appearance

The AnaBag 150™ should be sealed on one end with an orange tab attached at the end of the seal.


AnaBag 150™:
AB20 8 x 12 3/4 inch bag 20 bags/box (gas generators, indicators, and sealing bars are not included)

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