Cat. no. 269065 Duo-Spore ® Indicator Strips, 3 per envelope 25 envelopes/box

Instructions for Monitoring

1. Remove the test strips from the Duo-Spore ® envelope. Leave the test strips in the blue glassine wrappers . (The blue glassine wrappers are to be opened by the bacteriologist upon culture).

2. Include the two test strips within the pack or materials to be sterilized. Locate the pack or materials in the most difficult area to be sterilized within the autoclave.

3. Sterilize according to normal procedure (e.g. 121 degrees C. for 15 minutes).

4. Complete the sterilization report which is printed on the back of the Duo-Spore ® envelope.

5. Following sterilization, remove the strips from the sterile pack (Leave the test strips in the blue glassine wrappers) . Place the strips in the Duo-Spore ® envelope and deliver to the laboratory for bacteriological culturing.

Instructions for Culturing

1. Aseptically open the blue glassine envelopes.

2. Place each test strip and control strip in individual tubes of Tryptic Soy Broth (Cat. no. R30). Identify all tubes.

3. According to the type of sterilization used (see back side of Duo-Spore ® envelope), incubate seven days at the specified temperature:

a. 55-60 degrees C. for steam sterilization

b. 31-37 degrees C. for Ethylene Oxide and dry heat sterilization

4. Observe tubes daily for growth. Growth should occur in unsterilized control within 48 hours.

5. Record results on the back side of the Duo-Spore ® envelope and return to the the supervisor who initiated the test.

6. Sterilize all biohazard waste before disposal.


Duo-Spore ® Indicator Strip and Envelope (Cat. no. 269065).


1. Duo-Spore ® package insert; Propper Manufacturing Co., Long Island City, NY.

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