Equipment Procedure Schedule Tolerance Limit
Refrigerators Recording of temperature.* Daily or continuous. 2-8 degrees C.
Freezers Recording of temperature.* Daily or continuous. -8 to -20 degrees C. -60 to -75 degrees C.
Incubators Recording of temperature.* Daily or continuous. 35.5 +/- 1 degree C.
Incubators (CO 2 ) Measuring of CO 2 content.
Use blood gas analyzer or Fryrite device.
Daily or twice daily. 5% to 10%
Waterbaths Recording of temperature.* Daily 36 to 38 degrees C. 55 to 57 degrees C.
Heating Blocks Recording of temperature.* Daily +/-1 degree of setting.
Autoclaves Test with spore strip ( Bacillusstearothermophilus ) At least weekly. No growth of spores in subculture indicates a sterile run.
pH Meter Test with pH calibrating solutions. With each use. +/- 0.1 pH units standard being used.
Anaerobic Jars Methylene blue (or resazurin) indicator strip. With each use. Conversion of strip from blue (pink) to white indicates low oxygen tension.
Anaerobic Glove Box Tension Clostridium novyi type B culture. Run periodically. Growth indicates very low oxygen tension. It is used only where very low oxygen is required.

Methylene blue (or resazurin) indicator strip. Continuously or daily. Solution remains colorless if oxygen tension is low.
Serology Rotator Count revolutions per minute. With each use. 180 revolutions per minute +/- 10 revolutions per minute.
(within 5% of dial)
Check revolutions with tachometer. Monthly Indicator setting.
Safety Hoods Measure air velocity across face opening. Semiannually or quarterly. 50 feet of air flow per minute +/- 5 feet per minute.

* Each monitoring thermometer must be calibrated against a standard thermometer that is certified and NBS traceable.