• How to Order

We want to fill your order promplty and accurately. To avoid confusion when ordering, we request that you state in this order:

1. Your Account Number
2. The "ship to" address
3. Product Number
4. Description of Item
5. Quantity of Item

All culture media is sold by the package, not by the unit, plate, or tube. For example: to receive 50 plates of catalog no. A10 Blood Agar, order 5 packages of A10 (10 plates each).

There are three ways to order:

1. By phone: Call (800) 266-2222, press 1
2. By fax: (805) 346-2760
3. On-line: www.HardyDiagnostics.com

If you prefer to contact us by email, the address is:

• When to Order

We intend to offer you unsurpassed service by sending out your order on the same day you place it. Our deadline for same day shipping is generally 1:30pm for all time zones except Hawaii and Alaska. Please let us know if you have an emergency situation and we will do our best to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Our business hours are 6am to 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. You may leave orders after hours by leaving a message on the recorder.

We generally do not ship out refrigerated items on Fridays, unless special arrangements have been made.

• Shipping Fees*

Our usual shipping terms are "FOB:Destination, Freight Prepaid and Add" unless other arrangements have been made. A minimum charge for shipping and handling is $19.50 for each order (back orders excluded).

Shipping terms for "freight collect" and "third party bill" shipments will be: "FOB:Origin," and are subject to a $6.50 handling fee.

Freight charges quoted at the time the order is placed is an estimate only and may be adjusted to reflect any additional drop ship fees that Hardy Diagnostics may incur.

When shipping hazardous materials, our carrier, FedEx Ground, imposes an extra charge of $20 per box (up to four of the same item). Hazard materials will be packaged separately, in accordance with the Department of Transportation regulations.

For control organisms shipments our supplier, MicroBiologics, imposes a $35 dropship and hazmat fee ($16.50 if "freight collect").

* Please contact us for current shipping and handling fees.

• Problem Reporting

Errors, shortages, and damages must be reported to Hardy Diagnostics within 48 hours in order to receive credit or replacement. Goods damaged in shipment should be immediately reported to the carrier. Always retain the original carton for inspection by the carrier.

• Outdates

For most media products that are received with less than one month dating and cannot be used within that time, Hardy Diagnostics will issue credit or replacement for the unused product. Please notify us at the time of expiration.

• Pricing

Please call for current pricing.
Please ask us about volume discounts, and special bid prices.

• Returns

Returns will not be credited unless previous authorization from Customer Service has been given.

Refrigerated or frozen items are not returnable.

Please pack return items securely, since they must be received in good condition and be unmarked, to be considered for credit.

• Technical Assistance

Our team of microbiologists and medical technologists are here to serve you in any way possible. Please give our friendly support staff a call at: (800) 266-2222, extension 5658; or send an email to TechService@HardyDiagnostics.com

In addition, our software technical manual HUGO™ will assist you with your procedures, and additional product information that you may require.

• Payment Terms

After credit approval, our terms are "net 30 days" from the invoice date. We reserve the right to change credit terms at any time.

Please pay from our invoices. No statements will be sent.

Any amount due after 30 days is subject to a late charge of 1.5% per month and subsequent orders may be held.

In the event any action is necessary to collect amounts due, Hardy Diagnostics will be entitled to recover all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees. Any sale shall be deemed to be performed in Santa Maria, California, USA.

If you ever need assistance with credit matters, please call (800) 266-2222, extension 5597; or email at accounts@HardyDiagnostics.com.

• Warranty

The quality and performance of this product is warranted to meet the stated specifications and uses set forth in the labeling and product information sheets if used as intended, stored as directed, and used before the expiration date. Hardy Diagnostics' sole obligation under this limited warranty is the credit for or replacement of any defective product, as determined by Hardy Diagnostics in its sole discretion.

The foregoing warranty shall commence on the date of delivery of each product to a customer and expire six (6) months thereafter, except for products that are subject to an expiration date, in which case the warranty period shall expire on the expiration date of the product.

The foregoing warranty does not apply to any product which has been modified in any way by any third party and does not cover any defect, malfunction or damage resulting from: (i) accident, neglect or willful mistreatment of any product; (ii) failure to properly store or handle any product; (iii) failure to use, operate, service or maintain any product in accordance with Hardy Diagnostics' applicable guidelines; and (iv) failure to use or apply proper reagents or chemicals in or to any product. Hardy Diagnostics shall pay the transportation and other costs incurred by a third party with respect to any products replaced under this warranty.

Customers should inspect all incoming products carefully upon receipt and before use. If the product has been exposed to extreme temperatures or if the outer bag, seal, or container has been damaged in any way, product integrity and performance may be adversely affected and Hardy Diagnostics should be notified immediately.

Disclaimer: The foregoing limited warranty contains the sole remedy for any defect in the products. The foregoing warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of any kind, whether statutory, written, oral, express or implied, including any warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. In no event, whether as a result of breach of contract, tort liability (including negligence) or otherwise, shall Hardy Diagnostics be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Any liability of Hardy Diagnostics under this warranty shall be limited to the total price paid for the products which are the subject of such liability plus all costs for transportation and other direct expenses incurred with respect to such products.