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Bacillus spizizenii, ATCC® 6633™, KwikStik Plus (5 swbs with built-in hydrating fluid, traceable stock culture, limited passages, with Certificate of Assay), used for USP <61>, USP <71> and USP <81>, ATCC Licensed Derivative®, by Microbiol

KWIK-STIK Plus™ A ready-to-use swab that contains a single lyophilized pellet of a single microorganism strain. Contains an organism that has had only two passages from ATCC origin. Five swabs of each strain per package.Rehydrating fluid is built into the Kwik-Stik unit.

Microbiology testing services may require challenge microorganisms with a limited number of passages from an American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). In addition to the limited number of passages, these microorganisms are reference stock cultures that have been derived from reference culture collections such as ATCC.

Each shipment includes a Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, and complete instructions. All shipments are drop-shipped

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0486X B.subtilis subsp spi, MBL
ATCC 6633, KwikStikPlus
$347.16 USD EA

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Microbiologics: control organisms

Bacillus subtilis ATCC® 6633

Control Organisms - Individuals


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