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Dispenser, no-touch, battery operated, by Metrex Research

Dispenses a pre-measured application over the surface of the hands including nails, cuticles, creases and crevices. The fully atomized application provides better coverage than soaps and lotions in hard to reach areas. Dispensers can be installed close to work areas reducing the time spent walking to and from sinks, bathrooms and wash areas, therefore encouraging hand-washing compliance. Features: No-Touch Dispenser eliminates cross contamination Pre-measured application increases coverage and minimizes waste Infrared sensor detects when hands are beneath dispenser and solution is dispensed.

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
101810 Dispenser, No-Touch, each
Metrex, battery operated
$145.16 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism
Metrex: Vionex soap, disinfectants, lotions, handcare

Hand Soap, Sanitizers, and Protectors


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