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E. coli O157 Antibody Kit,AOAC Approved, 2ml sealed glass vial with pull tab, 120 tests per kit, by Crystal Diagnostics.

Single use disposable antibody kit for E. coli O157 testing in most applications

  • Delivery: Target antibody bound to 3 micron microspheres
  • Antibody Kit includes sufficient target antibody and negative control for 120 pathogen detection tests and their associated negative control, plus additional confirmatory test (if required)
  • 2ml sealed glass vials with pull tab
  • Stabilization: Lyophilized (room temperature) / Wet (store at 2 °C to 8 °C)
  • Detection Process: Disruption in an aligned liquid crystal matrix within the Cassette caused by aggregation of target pathogens binding to their associated antibodies
  • AOAC Approved for Raw Ground Beef, Beef Trim and Spinach
  • To be used with CDx Cassette (224301, 248301)

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
124501 O157 Ab Kit(E), 24x5 test
60 tests, Crystal Diagnos
$850.00 USD EA

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Crystal Diagnostics

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E. coli O157

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