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Minitip Polyester Swab w/ Aluminium Applicator, Sterile, 1000 per case, by Copan

Due to tremendous demand relating to COVID-19, we are not accepting "Guest" orders for this product at this time. Please contact your Hardy Sales Representative for further information or Customer Service to place an order. Thank you and we appreciate your understanding and support.

Minitip Polyester Swab w/ Aluminium Applicator, Sterile, 1000 per case, by Copan

Single Minitip Size Traditional Dry Polyester Swab with Aluminium Applicator packaged with Plastic Round Bottom Tube with Yellow Cap - Individually Packaged, Sterile

Used for sample collection and transfer, CLASSIQSwabs™ dry fiber wrapped swabs are available with a variety of applicator and swab materials, tip sizes and packaging configurations.

  • Suitable for Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal
  • Shaft has no break-point, must cut wire manually to fit into transport medium.

Current Demand Exceeds Supply. Hardy Diagnostics suggest you place an order, please state your daily testing volume needs and we will make every attempt to allocate available supply to meet your daily requirements.

Due to extremely high demand and domestic shortages, Hardy Diagnostics is having product air freighted to the United States to accommodate demand. Going forward and until further notice, each case (1000 tests) of 162C will have a non-negotiable $96.00 Air Freight Charge (cat. no. SWEF1).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however we've made this decision in order to meet the increase in demand for these products.

In general CDC is now recommending collecting only the NP swab. Collection of oropharyngeal swabs (OP) is a lower priority and if collected should be combined in the same tube as the NP. Collection of only OP swab is acceptable if other swabs are not available.

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
162C Minitip Dry Polyester Swa
Yellow Cap, Copan, 1000/c
$640.00 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism
Copan Diagnostic Inc.

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