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EnteroPluri-Test, for identification of gram negative bacteria, similar to Enterotube, 25 per box, by Liofilchem

For the rapid identification of Enterobacteriaceae. (See EnteroPluri-Test Code Book, Cat. no. 215337)

EnteroPluri-Test is a 12-sector system containing special culture media that permits identification of the Enterobacteriaceae and other gram negative, oxidase negative bacteria. The system allows the simultaneous inoculation of all media present in the sectors and the execution of 15 biochemical reactions. Microorganism is identified evaluating the color change of the different culture media after 18-24 hours of incubation at 36 ± 1 °C and by a code number obtained from biochemical reaction interpretation.

See Microgen Gram Negative ID, Cat. no MID64, for a similar kit approved for clinical use.

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215336 EnteroPluri *
BD, 25/tests R
$506.61 USD EA

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