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Dilucup Elegance NaCl (Saline Solution), 9ml, box with 672 Dilucups, for 21 cup Dilushaker, by LabRobot.

For industries that perform serial dilutions, the Dilucup Elegance serial dilution system is the easiest, most cost effective answer in the field.

This system maximizes lab efficiency with its pre-filled, sterile and ready-to-use dilution cups. These save time and standardize results. The lab will virtually eliminate results that vary from tech to tech. The Dilucup line also reduces the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries.

You will also see measurable differences in the amount of storage space required for this product line. The compact and thoughtfully design packaging will save you on shipping and shelf space.

A Dilucup is a small container pre-filled with 9 ml of a sterile diluent. Using the Dilucup System you simply:

  • Add the requested number of prefilled Dilucup in the Dilushaker.
  • Tear off the easy peel, protective film
  • Add 1 ml sample to the first Dilucup
  • Start the shaker by moving your hand in front of the optic sensor or activating the foot pedal
  • When the Dilushaker stops, the 1:10 dilution is ready.
  • With a new pipette tip, collect 1 ml from the first cup and release it into the second cup in order to perform the next dilution (1:100).
  • Start the shaker by moving your hand in front of the optic sensor.
  • Repeat this operation until the final dilution rate is reached.
  • 32 trays of 7x3 cups

    Dilucup Elegance NACL Composition:

  • NaCl 8,5 g/L, Buffers
  • pH: 7,0 ± 0,2
  • Volume: 9 mL ± 2 %

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    Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
    40DENACL3 32 trays 7x3 cups 9ml
    Dilucup Elegance NaCl
    $540.35 USD EA

    Manufacturer Category Organism

    Dilution Vials


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