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HardyCHROM™ O157, detects E. coli 0157, 15x100mm plate, order by the package of 10, by Hardy Diagnostics

Highly selective...Results in 24 hours!

HardyCHROM™ O157 is a selective and differential medium recommended for the isolation of enterohemorrhagic E. coli O157 from food and environmental sources. Chromogenic substances in the media facilitate detection by colony color. Not for human diagnostic use.

Features & Benefits:

  • HardyCHROM™ O157 provides an initial screen intended to isolate colonies for further testing.

  • Confirm isolated purple-pink colonies with a latex aggulation test(Cat. no. PL070HD), antisera (Cat. no. M12030), or other test methods for complete identification.

This media is to be stored and incubated in the dark. If you have a light in your refrigerator, incubator, or you leave the media exposed to light on the bench top, Hardy Diagnostics offers free Blok-Boxes. Blok-Box is a reusable cardboard box that holds one sleeve of ten petri plates.

Please ask Customer Service if you would like a free Blok-Box sent with your order. Customer Service – (800) 266-2222

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
G305 HardyCHROM O157
HDx, 15x100mm plt 10/pk R
$60.28 USD PK10

Manufacturer Category Organism
Hardy Diagnostics: prepared media

Media, Prepared

E. coli O157

Instructions for Use Video SDS


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