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Sterisart® NF, long dual-needle metal spike, sterile, vented, ideal for testing LVP and SVP style containers, 0.45um membrane, with subculturing septum, 10 pack, by Sartorius

Sterisart® NF is a completely closed system for the sterility testing of pharmaceutical products. It is based on the membrane filter method, however it eliminates the procedure of manipulating the filters.

  • Reliable .45 micron Sartochem® membrane
  • Pre-installed color-coded tube clamps
  • Easy-to-read graduated marks, 120ml total volume
  • User-friendly (several practical adapters available)
  • Product lot number identification
  • Gas impermeable packaging for protection against sterilants
  • Sterile
  • Available with or without needle port sub-culturing septum
  • Closed System
  • Available with a variety of needle styles, luer-lok, and specialty connectors
  • One membrane style accommodates all sample styles

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16467GSD Stersrt,Septm,LngDualNdle
$495.00 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism

Membrane Filtration Microbiology


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