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HardyCHROM™ Vibrio, CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media, 500gm wide-mouth bottle, by Hardy Diagnostics

Hardy Diagnostics CRITERION™ HardyCHROM™ Vibrio is recommended for use as a selective and differential growth medium for the cultivation, isolation, and differentiation of Vibrio spp. from food and environmental samples.


The Vibrio genus is comprised of Gram-negative, halophilic, non-spore forming rods that are straight or have a single, rigid curve. All Vibrio spp. are motile, and most species are oxidase- and catalase-positive. Several species in the genus are known human pathogens, the most notable of which are V. cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus, and V. vulnificus. Most disease-causing strains are associated with gastroenteritis following ingestion of raw or uncooked shellfish or drinking contaminated water. Cases of open wound infection and septicemia have also been reported.

V. cholerae is the most well known Vibrio species, as it is the causative agent of cholera. This organism is most often transmitted via contaminated drinking water in developing countries. V. parahaemolyticus is the leading cause of bacterial diarrhea associated with seafood consumption. It is transmitted through ingestion of undercooked or mishandled seafood, or less commonly through open wounds exposed to seawater. While not as common, V. vulnificus is the most fatal Vibrio species in the United States. Infection and death from this species occurs from consumption of Gulf Coast oysters and possibly wound infections acquired in or exposed to marine environments.

CRITERION™ HardyCHROM™ Vibrio Agar is a chromogenic medium, highly selective for isolation of V. parahaemolyticus, V. vulnificus, V. cholerae and V. alginolyticus, as well as other Vibrio species. HardyCHROM™ Vibrio Agar has a high pH, which suppresses the growth of non-Vibrio species found in similar marine samples. The media consists of animal proteins, sea salts, sodium citrate, sodium thiosulfate, sugars, and a chromogenic mix. Seas salts are incorporated into the medium to provide optimum growth and metabolic activity of halophilic Vibrio spp. Sodium thiosulfate provides a source of sulfur. The inclusion of chromogenic substrates allows for the differentiation of Vibrio species based on colony color. It is the only medium that will differentiate V. vulnificus from V. parahaemolyticus and V. cholerae.


  • The only chromogenic media to differentiate V. cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus. on the same plate.
  • Boil only sterilization, no need for an autoclave!
  • Fluorogenic reaction, adds another dimension for thorough differentiation.
  • Superior performance to TCBS: greater sensitivity and specificity.
  • Molecular methods can be very expensive. Screen first on inexpensive HardyCHROM™ Vibrio!
  • Species identification is made based on colony color and fluorescence under a UV lamp.
  • Requires no autoclave sterilization. Boil to prepare the plated media.
  • HardyCHROM™ Vibrio is perfect for environmental testing.

CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media by Hardy Diagnostics is formulated to meet or exceed the highest standards. Compare these features…

  • Wide mouth opening - reduces dust formation by allowing the easy entry of a scoop
  • Convenient handgrip - 'no slip' finger holds
  • Stackable containers - for efficient storage
  • Increased solubility - dissolves quickly
  • Custom and bulk products available - to your specifications
  • Competitive pricing - call for a price quote for large volume purchases!
  • Technical/instruction sheets available on our web catalog

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C9011 HC Vibrio
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Hardy Diagnostics: CRITERION Dehydrated Media

Dehydrated Media - CRITERION

Vibrio spp.

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