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Serum vial, empty, 100mL, order by the package of 10, by Hardy Diagnostics.

Compliance was never so easy!
Verify The Efficacy Of Your Aseptic Technique

Empty glass serum vial, 100mL capacity, terminally autoclaved.

Hardy Diagnostics offers all the products you need to easily assess the risk of microbial contamination of your CSPs (Compounded Sterile Preparations) according to USP Chapter <797>.

    Quality culture media tested for performance, pH and sterility

    Kits are designed to help you follow USP <797> guidelines

    Kits supply what is needed to test the proficiency and aseptic technique of technicians or pharmacists in a selfcontained ready-to-use format

    Kits are available for low, medium, and high complexity procedures

    Á la carte components enhance kits or allow for customized tests based on your compounding processes

    Expert technical support is available from our staff of microbiologists, call 800.266.2222 ext. 5755

    Surface Sampling

    Air Sampling

    Manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified facility

    Sterility Tests

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SV100 Serum vial, Empty, 100ml
HDx, 100ml vial 10/pk
$73.54 USD PK10

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Hardy Diagnostics

Media, Prepared


Instructions for Use Video SDS


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