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PROBond Slides, required for the QuickSlide™ Automated Gram Stain instruments, order by the package of 72, by Hardy Diagnostics

Chemically treated and positively charged microscope slides for use with GramPRO automated slide stainers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Specimen Adhesion:
    Provides superior adhesion of the specimen to the slide. Prevents sloughing off of the specimen which can lead to clogging and/ or cross contamination.
  • Painted and Polished:
    Features a hydrophobic painted rectangle,which keeps the specimen within the required boundaries. The dotted line designates the lower limit if a patient ID label is to be affiliated to the slide.
  • Use with the QuickSlide™ instrument:
    Automated Gram Stain instrument GramPRO 1 and GramPRO 80.

  • Dimensions:
    1" x 3" (25.4mm×76mm) Approx. 1mm thick

Important Note: The warranties for the GramPro 1 and GramPro 80 shall be considered void if the PROBond slides are not being used with machines, due to the superior specimen adhesion properties of PROBond.

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PB72 GramPRO ProBond Slide
HDx, 25.4 x 76mm,72/box
$147.15 USD EA

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Hardy Diagnostics


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