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HemaPRO Stain Kits, Improved, 125 tests per kit, by QuickSlide

A Wrights-Giemsa stain, buffer, and rinse for use with the QuickSlide™ HemaPRO automated hematology slide stainer. The pack contains a special stain formulation for enhanced cell quality. Produces 125 tests per pack in one self-contained package. Stain Activation Module is included inside of the kit, and is required for operation.

Kit includes:

  • Wrights-Giemsa Stain
  • Wrights-Giemsa Buffer
  • Wrights-Giemsa Rinse
  • Stain Activation Module

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
HP1SK HemaPRO Stain Kit, Imprv.
see HP1BSK
$120.68 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism

Equipment - for Microbiology


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