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TRIO.BAS™ Gas System with MINI instrument kit, 100 liters/min., Contact Plate, by Orum International

Now including IQ, OQ, PQ Documents!

Hardy Diagnostics introduces the next generation of microbial air samplers for viable particles.

The TRIO.BAS™ instruments utilize the impaction method of air sampling. The air, passing through an aspirating head, impacts onto an appropriate agar plate that collects bacteria or other organic substances possibly present in the sampled area.

All of our air samplers are lightweight, with an antibacterial techno-polymer shockproof body, have a long-lasting battery, and are IP65 protected from dust and water.

Per USP <797>, "Volumetric active air sampling of all classified areas using an impaction device must be conducted in each classified area [e.g., ISO Class 5 PEC and ISO Class 7 and 8 room(s)] during dynamic operating conditions at least every 6 months."

  Innovative Features  

  • Aspirating head with easy manipulation bayonet closure
  • Manual or automatic operations
  • Ergonomic and balanced design to facilitate handling with ease

The Trio.Gas™ microbial compressed gas system is designed to test the presence of microorganisms in compressed gas samples supplied from tanks and pipes under pressure.

  • The air sampler is easily connected to the output of the gas system.
  • Each component of the Trio.Gas™ adapter instrument is autoclavable.
  • Calibrated regulator guarantees a 100 liters per minute flow rate.

    TRIO.BAS™ GAS System with MONO kit contains:

    • Trio.Gas™ System, high pressure gas sampler attachment
      Includes stainless steel electrovalve and fixing system for air sampler, and gas connection.

    • TRIO.BAS™ MINI, Contact Plate
      Includes calibration certificate. 100 liters/minute flow rate, *Bluetooth data transfer capability.

      *Choose desired data download method-separate purchase is required

    • Battery wall charger with cable
      100/240v battery.

    • Stainless steel aspirating head
      Contact plate aspirating head; autoclavable.

    • Stainless steel cover head
      Protection cover for aspirating head; autoclavable.

    • Robustus hard shell carrying case
      Hard shell carrying case to protect Trio.Gas™ system in transit.

    • Light carrying case
      Carrying case to protect the sampler in transit.

    • IQ, OQ, PQ, fillable documents
      Documents for GAS system and air sampler.

    Watch our TRIO.BAS™ informational video here!

    According to ISO14698, USP <797>, USP <116>, EU GPL-GMP, ISO17025

    If automatically timed samples and electronic data records are required, the MINI or MONO instrument used concurrently with the GAS system is necessary.

    If manually timed samples and hand recorded sampling data is acceptable, the MINI or MONO instrument is not necessary. Purchase the GAS system BAS652K or BAS653K, which includes gas chambers. Choose kit based on plate size preference.

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    Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
    BAS654K TrioBas GAS Kit w MINI
    100l/m Contact, Orum
    $15,652.58 USD EA

    Manufacturer Category Organism
    Orum International

    Equipment - for Microbiology



    Instructions for Use Video SDS

    Brochures and Studies BioSafety Level


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