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The Wizard™, CompactDry™ Reader, by Hardy Diagnostics

It's Like Magic!

Bring automation, efficiency and data security into your lab.

The Wizard™ CompactDry™ Reader is a fast, easy, and accurate way to read and record your CompactDry™ results. The Wizard™ has selectable modes in the configuration menu designed to read the different types of CompactDry™ plates.

Features and Benefits:

  • Specifically designed to read the CompactDry™ plates:
    • Automatically reads CompactDry™ plates in less than 4 seconds – Stand alone system, no PC required
    • Counts and differentiates colonies based on the CompactDry™ type
    • Indexes cassette directly under the imaging camera for rapid reading
    • Accurately reads up to 150 colonies per plate
    • Accepts individual plates or groups of two, three, or four plates so you can keep your dilution series together - no need to seperate plates!
    • Unit is suited for ambidextrous operation; plates can be scanned from the left or right side
    • Digitalized plate image can be saved to USB or exported to the user's LIMS program or included software management program.

  • Multiple ways to report and enter reading data:

    • Data can be automatically saved to USB drive
    • Data and plate image can be printed to an external thermal printer
    • Image of the plate can be saved to a USB with or without colony indentifier marks
    • Each unit includes the Hardy Data Receiver Program for file organization and storage.
    • Sample names can be entered with touchscreen, keyboard or scanned with the barcode reader
  • Hardware Details:
    • Ergonomic with titled color touch screen for seated or standing operations
    • Easy-to-operate and easy-to-clean
    • Autofocusing 5-megapixel scanning camera
    • Self-contained all-in-one unit, no external PC required
    • Small footprint conserves bench-top space
  • Available accessories include:
    • USB wireless keyboard
    • USB barcode scanner
    • USB thermal printer
  • Other Information:
    • Customizable - The unit is factory calibrated but if your samples are unique, the system has an easy-to-use calibration wizard
    • Software can be updated via USB drive
    • 3 USB ports available for saving images, attaching printer, scanner, and wireless keyboard.
    • Low cost comparison to competitor plate readers
    • Internationally compatible power outlet
    • Made in the USA
    • Two year warranty against manufacturer defect

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    Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
    CDR1 Wizard Compact Dry Reader
    HDx, each
    $7,950.00 USD EA

    Manufacturer Category Organism
    Boekel: incubators, water baths, heat blocks, racks

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Equipment - for Microbiology


    Instructions for Use Video SDS


    Brochures and Studies BioSafety Level


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