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BioLine Salmonella ELISA Test Kit, for Food, Water, HACCP, 12 strips with 8 wells each row, 96 tests, AOAC approved, manual or automatic read-out, by BioLine

Accurate Results in 48 Hours! This is by far the best all around Salmonella screening kit available today. With the Bioline Salmonella Kit your company can have results in just 48 hours, at a reasonable cost. The accuracy and procedure has been certified by the AOAC-RI (Research Institute). Accurate - 5.7% more positives than the BAM/AOACreference method.Rapid - Achieve results in 48 hours.Proven - ELISA technology for greater stability and sensitivity. Easy-to-use - Simple pipeting steps that can be taught to anyone in a matter of hours. Cost-Effective Sensitive - Detects Salmonella in Food and Feed at levels as low as 1 cfu/25 gram sample.Automatic or Manual read-out procedures available Versitile - For Food, Feed, Water or HACCP

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CHB0081 BioLine Salmonella Kit
BioLine, 96 tests R
$282.29 USD EA

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Rapid ID Test Kits

Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp.

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