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CampyGen, gas generator, no water needed, for Campylobacter spp., for 2.5 liter jar, 10 sachets, by Oxoid

The Oxoid CampyGen and CampyGen Compact are simple to use systems for the rapid generation of a microaerophilic environment necessary to cultivate Campylobacter species. Like the AnaeroGen, the CampyGen also requires no catalyst and no water activation steps. No dangerous gas is produced. The final atmosphere is reduced to 6% oxygen, and supplemented with 14% carbon dioxide which is ideal for growth of Campylobacter and other microaerophilic organisms. Use for the 2.5 liter jar from Oxoid product #AG025A.

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CN025A CampyGen, Gas Gen
Oxoid, 10/box, for 2.5L
$71.63 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism
Oxoid: microbiology supplies, gas generators

Food, Beverage, & Dairy Testing

Gas Generators

Campylobacter jejuni

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