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Salmonella Latex Test Kit, presumptive identification of salmonella, 100 tests, by Oxoid

The Oxoid Salmonella Test Kit is a rapid latex agglutination test for the presumptive identification of Salmonella in selective and/or enrichment cultures. The use of latex technology makes this test more sensitive than direct agglutination methods, so that use of the Oxoid Salmonella Test Kit permits identification of Salmonella at least 24 hours earlier than when using conventional techniques. The Oxoid Salmonella Test Kit is particularly suited to screening cultures due to the high predictive value of a negative result. When screening clinical specimens, these features enable decisions on appropriate patient management to be taken sooner. The kit is also ideal for screening samples in the food industry where prompt results minimize the delay associated with routine testing for Salmonella contamination.

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DR1108A Salmonella Latex Kit
Oxoid, 100 tests R
$475.87 USD EA

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Oxoid: microbiology supplies, gas generators

Food, Beverage, & Dairy Testing

Rapid ID Test Kits

Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp.

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