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GramPRO 1 Automated Gram Stain Instrument, by QuickSlide™

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Consistent Gram Staining For A Perfect Slide Every Time!

Electro-Optical Decolorization

    The GramPRO 1™ is equipped with a patented electro-optical “eye” that fine tunes the decolorization process while accommodating various sample thicknesses. The GramPRO 1™is ideal for standardizing Gram staining in labs and ensuring consistency regardless of technician experience. No more under or over decolorization!

Fast, Hands-Free Staining

    Totally hands free, each slide is automatically stained, decolorized and counter stained in about 5 minutes. Load the slide, select the stain cycle, and walk away! The user is alerted once the staining process is complete.

Small Compact Size

    The GramPRO 1™ is small enough to fit on any lab counter top. Fits near most microscopes and sinks. The elongated waste tube allows for waste to be contained or disposed down the sink.

Easy Maintenance

    It’s as simple as the push of a button. GramPRO 1™ has built-in cleaning procedures for ease of use and optimal stain quality. No more messy sinks and stained counters! The instrument prompts the user when maintenance is required and gives step-by-step instructions.

Additional Features:

  • Standardization across all shifts and technicians
  • Individual stain preference controls for color intensity and operator preference
  • Consistency regardless of sample types or thicknesses
  • Waste is easy to contain or drain
  • Audible signal when process is complete
  • No technical expertise required – Produces high quality stain every time
  • Need higher throughput? Buy two or three GramPRO 1's to meet your lab needs!

*Stain Kit sold separately and is required for use.

Watch our GramPRO 1 video here!

Watch our GramPRO 1 staining process video here!

Watch our GramPRO 1 installation video here!

Watch our GramPRO 1 operation video here!

Watch our GramPRO 1 maintenance video here!

For information on pricing, please contact your
sales representative.

Important Note: The warranties for the GramPRO 1 and GramPRO 80 shall be considered void if the PROBond slides are not being used with machines, due to the superior specimen adhesion properties of PROBond.

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GP1 GramPRO 1, Single Slide
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Equipment - for Microbiology


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