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Derm-Duet™, RSM/DTM, 15x100mm biplate, order by the package of 10, by Hardy Diagnostics

A 15 x 100mm biplate with one section for DTM (Dermatophyte Test Media) and the other section for RSM (Rapid Sporulation Media) for the culturing of hair, skin and nails for dermatophytes.

DTM will turn red within a few days when a dermatophytic fungus is present. Dermatophytes include Trichophyton spp, Microsporum spp, and Epidermophyton spp. The RSM side will induce the organisms to produce spores (macroconidia) which can be viewed microscopically for identification.

RSM is also useful for observing the true pigment formation of the colony. The media will turn blue to blue-green in the presence of dermatophytes. DTM tends to mask the coloration due to the intense red coloration. Also, DTM does not induce the rapid formation of spores. This is why the DTM/RSM makes a perfect combination for the identification of dermatophytic fungi.

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
J350 Derm-Duet Biplate
HDx, 15x100 biplate R
$36.78 USD PK10

Manufacturer Category Organism
Hardy Diagnostics: prepared media

Media, Prepared

Dermatophytic Fungi

Microsporum spp.

Trichophyton spp.

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