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Microgen® Salmonella Latex Test, 50 tests per kit, by Microgen® Bioproducts

A rapid latex slide agglutination test for the presumptive identification of Salmonella in selective and/or enrichment cultures or isolates taken directly from selective agars. Has a very high specificity and a high positive predictive value making it ideal for testing food, clinical, environmental, and veterinary samples. Detects motile and non-motile strains. Results in two minutes.

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
M42 Microgen Salmonella
Microgen, 50 tests R
$157.08 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism
Microgen: Biochemical Identification Systems

Rapid ID Test Kits

Salmonella spp. and Shigella spp.

Instructions for Use Video SDS


Brochures and Studies BioSafety Level


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