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GramPRO 80 Automated Gram Stain Instrument by QuickSlide™, a division of Hardy Diagnostics, MGS-80.

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The GramPRO 80 utilizes a unique technology that produces very high quality stain results that are consistent and easy to read. The advanced, patented decolorization process works equally as well on thick and thin specimens.

The patented electronic eye in the MGS-80 precisely decolorizes every slide perfectly, regardless of sample type. This means fewer errors and higher efficiency which result ultimately in better patient care.

Totally hands free, each slide is automatically stained, decolorized, and counter stained, all with 80 slides on the carrousel. The GramPRO 80 has an automatic cleaning cycle and internal diagnostic software to reduce maintenance to nearly nothing.

The GramPRO 80 provides multi-slide staining with a footprint small enough to fit most lab counter tops and can be easily updated through a secure internet connection.

Automatic fluid level sensoring for minimal reagent consumption and overflow prevention. The GramPRO 80 has waste management capability

Stain Kit sold separately and is required for use

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM
MGS-80 GramPRO 80, Multi-Slide
$0.00 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism

Equipment - for Microbiology


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