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MicroSnap Enrichment Broth, 2ml fill, 100 per box, by Hygiena

MicroSnap Coliform & E. coli Enrichment Broth (2mL) is designed for testing large-volume filterable liquids such as water and beverages where low-level contamination with Coliform bacteria is a concern. The Enrichment Broth is used in conjunction with MicroSnap Coliform or E. coli Detection Devices. After filtering a liquid sample through 0.45 micron filter, the membrane of the filter is added to a petri dish with the MicroSnap Enrichment Broth 2mL in order to enrich the sample. After enrichment, an aliquot of sample is transferred to a MicroSnap Detection Device for rapid detection and enumeration of Coliform bacteria. The test uses a novel bioluminogenic reaction that generates light when enzymes that are characteristic of specific bacteria react with specialized substrates. The light-generating signal is then quantified in the EnSURE luminometer. Single figure organisms can be detected in 8 hours, delivering results in the same working day or shift, so product can be released earlier or corrective actions may be taken sooner.

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Cat No. Description Price Curr UOM Qty  
MS1CECBROTH2ML Enrichment Broth
Hygiena, 100/box
$180.69 USD EA

Manufacturer Category Organism
Hygiena Corporation

Environmental Monitoring


Coliforms, Environmental

E. coli

Instructions for Use Video SDS


Brochures and Studies BioSafety Level


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